Paul J. Greene & Company (established 1974) is a full service group retirement and group benefits consulting firm.  


Photo by Martin Barraud/OJO Images / Getty Images

Our firm has been built on the promise of commitment and advocacy for our clients.
Our motto is: Integrity – Service – Experience.
On any line of business – we are the client’s advocate! We ask the pertinent questions that should be asked if the client had our knowledge base and expertise.  

The firm has grown from a single operator to a group that includes a talented team of professionals dedicated to providing clients with the highest level of service and care. With a rich history to back us and strong credentials and energy to guide us to the future, we look forward to continuing our professional and personal association with our many clients.

We work with some of Canada’s most successful employers.  We are proud of our client base that we have built and maintained.  Client turnover is virtually non-existent. When we get clients, we keep them. We want to build on future promises to keep.  

As leaders in group benefits and group retirement, we view ourselves as an extension of your company's Human Resources and Finance teams and a key member of your group of professional advisors.